MACO Leave In Conditioner - Υγρό Κοντίσιονερ για Περούκες- Τουπέ - Συστήματα Μαλλιών MACO HAIR SYSTEMS

ACTIV HIGH GLOSS SPRAY - Sunscreen for Wigs - Toupees - Hair Systems

Size: 100 ml
100 ml
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MACO High Gloss Spray is your last step in the daily hair care of the System. This product is designed to provide an invisible shield of protection against the sun's harmful rays and oxidation caused by the atmosphere.

The unique formula of MACO High Gloss Spray leaves your hair shining while offering increased protection. Simply spray the product on your hair after styling, without touching or re-combing.

It doesn't matter if the sun is not shining brightly or if you are in a shady place. The sun's rays can always be harmful to your hair. By using MACO High Gloss Spray , you ensure that your hair remains protected at all times, maintaining its health and appearance regardless of external conditions.

MACO High Gloss Spray is essential for those who wish to keep System hair healthy and shiny.