No Risk Hair Systems, with a Money Back Guarantee*

We have complete confidence in our Hair Systems. If you're not satisfied as a new customer, you'll get your money back.*

Cashback in 4 Steps

Follow these four easy steps to take advantage of our Money Back Guarantee, which applies to new Hair Systems customers.

1st Step

You can claim our money back guarantee within the first 7 days as a new Hair Systems customer.

2nd Step

Simply fill out the refund form and you will receive an email with information.

3rd Step

Return your Hair System back to us for inspection.

4th Step

You will receive your refund within approximately 2-3 business days of receiving the Hair System

*Terms and conditions

Does the Warranty apply to all customers?

The money back guarantee only applies to new customers who purchase a hair system from MACOhair for the first time and can use it once. With our money back guarantee, we just want to relieve you of the worry that a hair system might not suit you.

What if I have purchased two hair systems?

Even if you buy two hair systems, the warranty is valid under the same terms as for one hair system. However, we cannot issue refunds if you have purchased more than two hair systems.

Does the Warranty apply to all products?

The warranty only applies to MACO Instant Hair Systems and not to MACO Custom Hair Systems, which are purchased by special order and custom made. The Refund also applies to Hair Systems care products, only if they have not been used.

How long is the Warranty valid for?

You can claim the guarantee only within the first 7 calendar days from the day of the first application. Once the request has been approved, you will need to return the Hair System to us within 14 days of the day the request was approved. The return will be made within 2-3 days after receiving the products, if they are checked by the competent department.

Will I get my money back in full?

You will be refunded the amount you paid for the specific Hair Systems reduced by €250. The 250 euros are administrative costs and cannot be returned.

Why is the Warranty only valid for 7 days?

Your Hair System is a product that in the first application adapts exactly to the point where there is thinning and then cuts as desired. Even when you return the Hair System, it cannot be applied to another customer. We're basically throwing it away.

However, with our money back guarantee, we just want to relieve you of the worry that if the Hair System doesn't work for you, you'll be wasting your money. So within 7 days you will know if it works for you or not and if it doesn't, you get your money back.

Would you like more information?

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Update by Phone

The most direct way that does not require an appointment, is the telephone update. A specialist associate will inform you and ask you for photos. This is how he will evaluate the problem and recommend the most ideal System for you.

Counseling at our premises

Make an appointment for a lifetime consultation at one of our stores in Athens, Thessaloniki, Rethymno or Serres. A specialist of ours will answer all your questions and discuss your dilution individually.

Consulting through Cameras

Consultation via camera is suitable for those who live far from our stores. One of our specialized associates will answer all your questions and recommend the most suitable Hair System exclusively for you.

Why choose MACOhair?

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No hidden costs and fees. At MACOhair you will know from the first moment your charges and all the costs for Hair Systems.


Whether before the first application or after, we are by your side 24/7 to serve your every need.


Our stylists are highly trained exclusively in men's hair systems. From application to cutting