Activ Protection Spray – Προστατεύει από τη θερμότητα την Περούκα/Σύστημα. MACO HAIR SYSTEMS

Activ Protection Spray – Protects the Wig/System from heat.

SIZE: 200 ml
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Activ Protection Spray protects System or wig hair from intense heat. If you are exposed to high temperatures every day or you are used to drying your hair with a hair dryer or hair straightener, this product is the most suitable for you. The special formula with panthenol, arganoil and vitamin E acts as a shield for the hair, while at the same time giving shine.

If Activ Protection Spray is used daily during the summer months, it can extend the life of the Hair System or Wig.

Shake well before use. Spray the product on the System or Wig hair. Dry as usual. Do not spray the product on the roots of the hair.