Erato: Ίσια Φυσική Περούκα  -  Ανοιχτό Καστανό με Τζίντερ Τόνους MACO HAIR SYSTEMS

Erato: Straight Natural Wig - Light Brown with Ginger Tone

The "Erato" Translucent Wig made of 100% natural hair combines naturalness and style, offering you unlimited options. It can be cut and styled in any style you desire. Its light brown shade with ginger tones adds a special shine to your wig.

Size: Extra Small 52-53.5
Extra Small 52-53.5
Small 54-55.5 cm.
Medium 56-57.5 cm.
Large 58-60 cm.
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MACOhair's "Erato" wig is the perfect combination of natural beauty and style. This translucent wig made of 100% natural hair allows you to cut and style it however you want.

The natural shade with brown and ginger notes gives a special shine to your appearance creating a special style.

This wig is ideal for women who desire quality, naturalness and style. It is an investment worth every euro and can also be used as a medical wig.

Additional Features:

Color: Its excellent light brown coloring with ginger tones gives warmth and dynamism to your wig.

LACE type: The wig uses translucent LACE, thus ensuring a fairly good naturalness.

Hair Type: The wig is made from 100% natural hair from a single donor, which guarantees quality.

Length: 35 from.
Density: 180% Density
Hair Style: Straight
Hair Type: 100% Natural Hair from a donor
Color: Light brown with ginger tones
LACE type: Translucent
Rubber: Yes
Combs: Yes (can be removed)
Delivery: 1-7 days
Wig Size:
Extra Small: 52 - 53.5 cm.
Small: 53.5 - 54.5 cm.
Medium: 56 - 57 cm.
Large: 58.5 - 59.5 cm.