MACOhair® Women's Hair Systems
Rich Hair in 2 hours - The solution to hair loss

It is not a Toupee or a simple Wig. New Hair Prosthetic method with very thin Hair Systems for an extremely natural result.

See why over 5,000 Women trusted MACOhair®

The Wig Alternative

MACO Women's Hair Systems, replacing Traditional Wigs, are created to be worn 24 hours a day, allowing every woman to enjoy a normal everyday life. They are fundamentally different from conventional wigs as they allow every woman to treat her hair as a natural extension of herself. With the Hair Systems you can bathe, swim, be active and choose the styling that suits you, just like you would with your natural hair.

Of course your own hair

Of course like your own hair

Guaranteed result in 2 hours

Guaranteed Result in 2 hours

Durable all day, every day

50% of women during their lifetime will be faced with hair loss which is often accompanied by psychological stress. With MACOhair® Women's Hair Systems, you will be happy to look in the mirror again in the morning, you will spend your day full of confidence offering positive energy to those around you. More than 2,000 clients at MACOhair have already gotten new hair in just 2 hours, without the risk of transplants and without having to remove it. Are you ready for a new lifestyle with MACOhair Women's Hair Systems?

The most basic ways of applying Women's Hair Systems






All application methods offer unique advantages and are chosen based on your needs, hair type and personal preferences. It is of critical importance that the choice of method is made after absolute consultation and agreement with MACOhair experts to ensure the best possible result.

Impressive Results!

What the women who trusted MACOhair® said

Before & After Results with MACOhair Hair Systems

I am professionally involved in Modeling and my hair loss was creating problems in the field. So I decided to apply a MACOhair Hair System and it really changed my life and my career!

Mohammed, 24 years old

Before & After Results with MACOhair Hair Systems

I finally look my age again and can have the style I want. I'm glad Hair Systems are now a part of my look!

Dimitris, 42 years old

Before & After Results with MACOhair Hair Systems

I have been wearing Toupee for the past 6 years and was not satisfied with the naturalness. I came to MACOhair® because I had heard the best. I can't believe how much of a difference it was compared to what I was wearing. From now on only MACOhair®

Andreas, 36 years old

Before & After Results with MACOhair Hair Systems

I had done 2 hair transplants before but the result was not good. Besides I was in a lot of pain. With Hair Systems I achieved a hair I never thought I would get!

Dimitris, 46 years old

Before & After Results with MACOhair Hair Systems

I am a trans man and I lost my hair when I transitioned. The result is so natural I can't believe it.

Philip, 42 years old

Before & After Results with MACOhair Hair Systems

In the end, the decision I made not to do a hair transplant because the result would never be so rich and to choose MACOhair® Hair Systems was the best!

Vasilis, 42 years old

Before & After Results with MACOhair Hair Systems

I have been a MACOhair customer for 5 years. I don't change them at all, because they have changed the way I see myself.

George, 42 years old

In 3 simple steps Hair System

This is the procedure to put Hair System on MACOhair®

Telephone First Information on Hair Systems

Telephone or Lifeline
First Update

Call us and schedule an appointment for an initial information about Hair Systems at our premises or by phone

Application of Hair Systems in our premises

Application to our Institutes in Greece and Cyprus

Our stylists will discuss with you the color, type and Styling of the Hair System. You complete the order and in a few days you will have the final result.

Instructions for the daily care of Hair Systems

Detailed Update for Daily Care

Are you ready! Thanks to detailed information, training videos, constant communication by phone or camera, you are not alone. We are by your side with constant support and advice!

Women's Hair Systems are suitable for:





It is important to choose the method after detailed consultation with the MACOhair experts to ensure the best possible result. That's why SCHEDULE a Consultation Appointment now by clicking on the button: "Free Update"

The Benefits of Hair Systems in Women

70% of our customers have worn Wigs in the past

Hair Systems

Hair Wigs

Placement only at the point of Dilution

Placement exclusively on the whole head

It is not removed before Sleep

Removes before Sleep

You can swim

You can't swim

Different Haircuts & Hairstyles

Limited Hairstyle Options

Very light

They have weight

The most frequently asked questions

Which are suitable for MACOhair Women's Hair Systems?

MACOhair Women's Hair Systems are ideal for women who are faced with:

Alopecia: Whether it is genetic or a condition caused by other factors, Women's Hair Systems are an excellent choice.

Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy: For women undergoing cancer treatments, their hair is often significantly affected. MACOhair Women's Hair Systems offer a unique solution, allowing every woman to maintain her confidence.

Thinning: Natural hair thinning, whether due to age or other factors, can be treated by applying MACOhair Women's Hair Systems, providing coverage and volume, for a completely natural result.

Can it go away?

In no case! The application of Hair Systems is carried out by our specialized staff, who pay great attention to maximum stability and safety. Thanks to our advanced technologies, the Hair System remains stable on your head for many days, even during intense activity. Our products are applied in such a way that they integrate harmoniously into your lifestyle, without worrying about them coming off or going away.

Do I need to take it off every day?

No! Daily removal of MACOhair® Hair Systems is not required. On the contrary, the System applies perfectly to your head and accompanies you continuously. All that is required is its maintenance at our premises 1 to 2 times a month. This maintenance ensures the preservation of a highly natural appearance as well as maximizing the life of the System. During your maintenance visits, our experts undertake the complete care and renewal of the System, ensuring that your appearance will remain excellent.

How are Hair Systems installed?

Women's Hair Systems are an excellent choice for women looking to add density and volume to their hair, or to cover areas of severe hair loss or total hair loss. Because every need is different, MACOhair offers you the ideal solution for each of them. Here you will read some of the most basic ways of applying Women's Hair Systems:

1. Fixing Clips: Clips securely fix the Hair System to natural hair, offering a temporary solution that does not damage natural hair. (Removed every day)

2. Tapes (Double-Sided Tapes): They offer a longer-lasting fixation solution, as they can last several days, offering stability without damaging the scalp. (Permanent solution)

3. Adhesives: Suitable for a long time, liquid adhesives create a strong connection between the Hair System and the skin. They offer a very reliable solution, especially for those with severe hair loss or total hair loss. (Permanent solution)

4. Sewn net (Integration Systems): This is an advanced solution for women who want a permanent and discreet reinforcement of their hair. This process allows the Hair System to integrate harmoniously with your own hair, offering comfort and naturalness. The application is done ONLY by MACOhair specialists and involves creating a mesh which is fixed with your own hair and then onto this mesh the Hair System is sewn. This technique creates a uniform, dense and natural result, while allowing the scalp to breathe normally. (Permanent Solution - Only if there is enough of your own hair)

5. Keratin Bonds: Keratin bonds are an option that can be used to secure the toupee in cases where the natural hair is thick enough to support the extra weight. This method uses small amounts of keratin, a natural protein found in hair, to create firm but subtle connections between the Hair System and your own hair. The process requires precision and expertise as the keratin must be applied correctly to ensure a strong but natural bond that does not damage the natural hair. The method offers a long duration and requires maintenance and care to maintain the health of both your own hair and to ensure the quality of the Hair System. (Permanent Solution- Only if there is enough of your own hair)

All application methods offer unique advantages and are chosen based on your needs, hair type and personal preferences. It is of critical importance that the choice of method is made after absolute consultation and agreement with MACOhair experts to ensure the best possible result.

Can I maintain the Hair Systems myself?

Yes of course. This of course takes a little practice at first. But with the training you'll receive from MACOhair ® staff, detailed instructional videos, and ongoing phone or camera support, we'll show you everything you need to know about how to properly maintain your Hair Systems. Just give yourself some time at first to get used to it. In case you don't succeed from the first moment, you can, of course, do the maintenance at MACOhair ® for as long as you need it!

Do I have limitations with Hair Systems?

No one, but you should take proper care of the Hair System. Do maintenance on time and moisturize your hair daily.

If you pay attention to the above, you can do all your activities without restrictions. Take a shower, sauna, swim, drive a convertible or even work out. With a little patience in the first days, you will manage to integrate them into your daily life, without them hindering you in anything.

How Many Hair Systems Do I Need?

Basically, you need at least two Hair Systems. In addition to the Hair System you will be wearing, you should always have a second one. We prepare both at the first appointment and you wear them alternately at each maintenance.

This has three advantages:

It simplifies and shortens the maintenance process, as you always have a clean hair system ready, which you put on immediately.

You increase the life of the hair systems, since during cleaning, we let one soak in a special liquid for 5-8 hours and thus it cleans without wearing out.

Benefit from the discount of €50 per System for 2 Hair Systems (Total discount €100) and €70 per System with 3 Hair Systems (Total discount €210).

What is the lifespan of Hair Systems?

The durability of the Hair Systems cannot be determined so simply, as it depends on various factors, such as the lifestyle you lead, but also the degree of compliance with the daily care and regular maintenance of the Hair Systems.

In general, lifespan increases as you become more experienced with Hair Systems. At MACOhair we'll show you everything you need to know from the very first day of application to get the longest possible times.

If you follow these tips, you can count on up to 6-8 months of life per Hair System. Some experienced customers of course also achieve life times of more than 8 months with their systems, but for that you will need to gain enough experience.

As a beginner, you should expect the System to last for 4-6 months, not excluding that you may have longer times.

Of course, external weather conditions also play an important role in the lifespan of Hair Systems. The Hair System wears out more in the summer from sunlight or swimming in the sea, than in the winter. Of course, with MACOhair's special care products you can protect your Hair Systems all year round.

What are the steps to apply a MACOhair Hair System?

If you have no idea what Hair Systems are, it's best to call us for a free phone consultation. There we can explain everything about our method to you. After the briefing and if you are determined to proceed with the application, we make an appointment in person or via camera to individually examine the condition of your hair, see which Hair System is best for you and schedule the application appointment.

For a free update, call us at the numbers you will find in the contact.

If you are already well informed and ready to apply a hair system with us, you can simply call us for an in-person or on-camera appointment. There we will set the appointment for the first application of the Hair System.

Where does hair come from?

The hair comes exclusively from 100% natural hair of the highest quality and from one hair donor per Hair System. These hairs before being placed in the Systems go through various stages of preparation and many quality checks and only healthy hair is chosen to be used. At MACOhair we guarantee consistent and excellent hair quality, which is usually even better than your original hair.

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Would you like more information?

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Update by Phone

The most direct way that does not require an appointment, is the telephone update. A specialist partner will inform you and ask you for photos. This is how he will evaluate the problem and recommend the most ideal System for you.

Counseling at our premises

Make an appointment for a lifetime consultation at one of our stores in Athens, Thessaloniki, Rethymno or Serres. A specialist of ours will answer all your questions and discuss your dilution individually.

Consulting through Cameras

Consultation via camera is suitable for those who live far from our stores. One of our specialized associates will answer all your questions and recommend the most suitable Hair System exclusively for you.

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