The Founder of MACOhair wears a Hair System and was in the same situation as you not long ago. He knows what hair loss means and will share all his experience with you, answering all your questions.

When you choose us, your personal Consultant will be there to guide you and solve any question you may have, even after your appointment.

In 3 simple steps Hair System

This is the procedure to put Hair System on MACOhair®

Telephone First Update

Book an appointment for a first update on Hair Systems by phone or camera.

Application to our Sites

Our stylists will discuss with you the color, type and Styling of the Hair System. You place the order and 2 hours later you will have the final result.

Detailed Care Update

Are you ready! Thanks to detailed information, training videos, constant communication by phone or camera, you are not alone. We are by your side with constant support and advice!