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for Women's Hair Systems

The Founder of MACOhair® wears a hair system himself and was in the same situation as you not long ago. He knows what hair loss means and has passed on all this experience to the other MACOhair partners, who will answer all your questions directly. So don't waste time, SCHEDULE your appointment NOW!

In 3 simple steps Hair System

This is the procedure to put Hair System on MACOhair®

Telephone First Information on Hair Systems

Telephone or Lifeline
First Update

Call us and schedule an appointment for an initial information about Hair Systems at our premises or by phone

Application of Hair Systems in our premises

Application to our Institutes in Greece and Cyprus

Our stylists will discuss with you the color, type and Styling of the Hair System. You complete the order and in a few days you will have the final result.

Instructions for the daily care of Hair Systems

Detailed Care Update

Are you ready! Thanks to detailed information, training videos, constant communication by phone or camera, you are not alone. We are by your side with constant support and advice!

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Why choose MACOhair?

Our promise!

from beginning

No hidden costs and fees. At MACOhair you will know from the first moment your charges and all the costs for Hair Systems.


Whether before the first application or after, we are by your side 24/7 to serve your every need.


Our stylists are highly trained exclusively in hair systems. From application to cutting