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MACOhair® Invisible Wigs

We offer excellent quality Medical Wigs that are manufactured in such a way that they are completely invisible and create the feeling that you are not wearing a wig.

MACOhair® Medical Wigs are specially designed for oncology patients and women facing hair loss due to alopecia.

Medical Wigs in Thessaloniki for every woman who loses her hair

Knowing that every woman has her own unique style, we offer a wide variety of custom made Medical Wigs for everyone's needs.

Chemotherapy Wigs

Wigs for Alopecia

The MACOhair store is located in the heart of Thessaloniki

MACOhair is located in a beautiful and busy area, next to Theageneio Cancer Hospital of Thessaloniki. It is easy to reach the store either by car or by city transport.

The address of the MACOhair wig store is Theagenus Harisi 39, in Thessaloniki. The fully equipped store offers a pleasant and welcoming environment where customers can find an Invisible Medical Wig that will meet their individual needs and preferences.

The store's opening hours are from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 8 pm. In order to have enough time for the best service, we always recommend that you call us and book a consultation appointment.

MACOhair is a real oasis for those who wish to find the perfect Wig. Do not hesitate to visit the store in Thessaloniki and make the choice that will make you feel yourself, with confidence and style.

See what the customers who visited the Thessaloniki store are saying

Really, the best test for a store's credibility and value is the customers themselves. Our customer feedback and ratings are our guide to the best possible service. See below what some of the customers who visited the MACOhair store in Thessaloniki said

The most popular videos

Watch some of the videos with the MACOhair Invisible Wigs that you will find in the MACOhair store in Thessaloniki

Impressive Results from Celebrities

Despina Vandi wears MACOhair® Invisible Wigs in many appearances to change her look in the safest way. Below you will see some of the looks created by our personal Hair Stylist and MACOhair® Partner, Konstantinos Papadopoulos with our Wigs!

How to get the Perfect Wig in Thessaloniki?

Step-by-step the process to get not a simple wig in Thessaloniki but the perfect Invisible Wig that will look very natural, as if it were your own hair.

Update by Phone

The most direct way to get a wig in Thessaloniki is to contact us by phone.

Consulting in Thessaloniki

One of our specialized associates will answer all your questions and discuss your problem individually.

Consulting through Cameras

If you are far away and cannot come to Thessaloniki, we will solve all your questions via camera.

5 Wig Shops in Greece and Cyprus

Apart from the Wig Shop in Thessaloniki, MACOhair has 3 other shops in Greece and a Wig shop in Cyprus.





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Our promise!

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No hidden costs and fees. At MACOhair in Thessaloniki you will know from the first moment your charges and all the costs for Wigs.


Whether before the first application or after, we are by your side 24/7 to serve your every need.


Our stylists in Thessaloniki are highly trained exclusively in Wigs. From application to cutting.